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Spine Related

Pain at and around the spine is what we at Colorado Muscle and Joint Clinic treat most frequently. We pride ourselves on quality, and state-of-the-art treatment strategies to get you where you want and need to be.

Neck Pain
Back Pain

Over 30% of the US population suffers from neck related pain. We see many patients who are concerned about the cause of their pain. We fully understand these concerns and it is our goal to find a solution to your neck pain. We treat a variety of neck conditions including, Disc related injuries, Muscle Strain, Joint Stiffness, Torticollis, Tension Headaches, and several others.


Mid-Back Pain is a common complaint among the adult population. There can be many reasons why someone is experiencing mid-back pain and we will make it out goal to find the cause. We treat a variety of mid-back conditions including, Joint Stiffness, Muscle Strain, Muscle Tightness, Rib related injuries, Scapular Dyskinesis, and Disc related injuries.


Low back pain is the most common musculoskeletal pain in the US and it has been proven through countless studies to be best treated with conservative care. We utilize many different techniques, methods and tools for treating low back pain. We treat a variety of low back conditions including, Disc related injuries, Muscle Strain, Joint Stiffness, Muscle Tightness, Sciatica, and several others.


Headaches are very common among the adult population and can often be treated effectively with conservative care. There are numerous reasons why people experience headaches. It can be due to stress, fatigue, poor posture, and a variety of other reasons. We make it our goal to find a solution to the cause.


The term sciatica describes pain that radiates down the leg due to compression of the sciatic nerve. This pain tends to feel sharp and is very limiting for the patient. We utilize several effective methods for the treatment of sciatica and sciatica like pain.